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Rai 2 is Rai's second television channel and offers programs aimed at a generalist audience and young people. It began broadcasting in the early 1960s under the name Second Program and currently offers comprehensive programming including entertainment, news, sports, reality shows, TV shows, docu-fictions, cartoons, and science popularization. In addition, the channel hosts in-depth sports programs such as Quelli che il Calcio, a historic soccer program that is among the most watched in all of Italy, and entertainment programs such as the television phenomenon Il Collegio, a reality show starring young

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The main broadcasts of RAI 2 are:


TG2, launched in the 1960s as a second-channel news outlet, has become a mainstay of news in Italy. With six daily editions, the 1 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. editions are particularly well attended. Enriched by interesting columns such as TG Post and TG2 Motori, the latter aired on Sundays with a 7 percent share, TG2 succeeds in capturing a loyal audience that relies on its reliability and completeness of information. TG2 has established itself as a national news outlet, offering in-depth coverage, reports and interviews on current issues of social relevance.

Il Collegio

Il Collegio is an original and engaging format that has quickly earned a place among Rai 2's flagship programs. This reality show, launched in 2017, involves young people between the ages of 13 and 17 in a school experience set in different historical eras. The uniqueness of the format lies in its ability to transport participants to an educational setting of the past, where they must adhere to traditional rules and teaching methods. The show has become a staple for younger audiences, with the 2022 edition achieving an 11 percent share, and has also created a significant following on social media, becoming a popular topic of discussion among teenagers and their parents.

I Fatti vostri

I Fatti Vostri, a classic of Rai 2's daytime, continues to be an entertainment program for a large part of the audience, registering a 10.2 percent share with 858 thousand viewers in its second part in 2023. With its programming spanning current affairs, lifestyle, entertainment and health topics, the program manages to maintain a loyal and diverse audience. Now hosted by Anna Falchi and Tiberio Timperi, "I Fatti Vostri" stands out for its ability to offer a balanced mix of information and entertainment. With speeches by specialists, live links, frequent music slots and moments of engagement with the audience, including from home, through game shows and interviews, the program is confirmed as a solid choice for those seeking light and informative entertainment in the morning.

Fake Show

Another example of how Rai 2 manages to combine entertainment and creativity is Fake Show, hosted by Max Giusti. This show celebrates the world of imitations and stands out for its ability to deliver high-quality entertainment. With a cast of talented impersonators and special guests, "Fake Show" brings moments of pure entertainment to the small screen, demonstrating the channel's penchant for innovation and ability to offer original and engaging formats.


Belve is a program that airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, hosted by Francesca Fagnani. This show stands out for its ability to offer incisive insights and interviews, dealing with current and socially relevant issues. "Belve" has established itself as a successful format, appreciated by audiences for its incisive style and quality content, making it one of the station's flagship programs. In the first episode of the new season, which aired on September 26, 2023, Belve achieved a 10 percent share with 1,637,000 viewers, setting a record never before achieved for the program.

Why to invest in advertising on Rai 2

At Spada Media Group, we offer specialized services for the implementation of campaigns on Rai 2, a dynamic and versatile channel. Our advertising packages on the entire Rai network include various options such as on-air spots, special initiatives and product placement, as well as thematic tracks covering a wide range of areas such as entertainment, sports, youth programs and more. Based on the specific performance of Rai 2 programs, we offer customized solutions to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your campaign. We will prepare a detailed proposal reflecting audience expectations, gross contacts, number of commercials, percentage in prime-time and estimated GRP. Our offer also includes the possibility of exclusive campaigns on a single network or cross-campaigns involving other channels, such as Mediaset or La7, to ensure even broader coverage.

Other solutions for Rai advertising:

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