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Rai 3 is Rai's third generalist television channel and offers programs devoted to in-depth journalism and culture. It is also the channel that gives the most space to Italy's local autonomies (in fact, it is the network that hosts regional news). The most successful programs are those devoted to in-depth political or investigative journalism, such as Mi manda Rai 3. Cultural programs such as GEO, Kilimangiaro and TGR Leonardo also register good ratings, while in pure entertainment, the network's flagship program is the famous soap Un posto al sole.

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The main broadcasts of RAI 3 are:


TG3, introduced in the late 1970s, is Rai 3's news program that airs throughout the day, from morning until the night edition. Notable segments include "People," devoted to important social figures, and "Who's on stage," focusing on theater. TG Mondo, the international edition, airs during weekends in the late evening. The 7 p.m. edition is the most watched, with an average share of 13 percent.


Kilimanjaro, within the Sunday programming of Rai 3, is a well-known travel and documentary program presented by Camila Raznovich. Each episode features documentaries from around the world, often with guests from culture or entertainment. The program also deals with environmental and social issues and includes special editions such as summer episodes and "Kilimangiaro - Il borgo dei borghi" dedicated to Italian cities. It maintains an average share ranging from 5% to 7%.

Chi l'ha visto?

Chi l'ha visto is an evening program devoted to stories of missing persons and unsolved cases, with an average share of 7 percent. Federica Sciarelli leads the program, reconstructing events through journalistic sources, audiovisual material and interviews. The program engages viewers through the website and aims to shed light on these cases.

Mi Manda Raitre

One of Rai's first investigative programs, Mi manda Raitre, boasts an average share of 6 percent. Established in the 1990s under the name "Mi manda Lubrano," it now focuses on defending consumer rights and exposing waste, public administration inefficiencies, and citizen fraud. Journalist Federico Ruffo leads the investigation with input from specialists, on-air guests and reports.


Report is a television program of investigative journalism that began in 1994 on Rai 2 under the name "Professione Reporter." He switched to Rai 3 in 1997, becoming "Report" and airing in prime time. The original host, Milena Gabanelli, led the program until 2016, after which Sigfrido Ranucci took over as host. The program is known for its investigative approach, tackling issues of public and social concern with a critical and in-depth perspective.

Why invest in advertising on Rai 3

A television advertising campaign on Rai 3 may include the purchase of a specific package of commercials within the Rai network or focus on individual programs such as "Mi Manda Rai 3" or "Chi l'ha visto." List prices vary and may require discounts depending on the time of year. To get a personalized quote on Rai 3, you can fill out the information request form on the dedicated page. This strategy offers broad channel coverage and increased spot frequency, optimizing the advertising budget and reaching the desired communication target.

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