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Rai News 24 is an Italian all-news television channel published by Rai. Launched in the late 1990s, it is Italy's first nationwide all-news channel to broadcast live 24 hours a day. Rai News 24's editorial staff consists of more than 200 journalists, but the channel also sometimes relies on the cooperation of regional editorial offices or Rai's international offices, as well as contributions from other news outlets based in Italy or abroad.

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Rai News 24 news broadcasts and press reviews

The schedule is totally news-based, interspersed with weather and traffic information; in addition to these, the channel offers a night and morning press review. It progressively focused on national and international highlights, offering long live broadcasts with timely news and original in-depth coverage. Rai News 24 is available 24 hours a day live on digital terrestrial channel 48 and via satellite, as well as streaming on the web.

Why invest in advertising on Rai News 24

It is possible to advertise on Rai News 24 by accessing packages of television commercials related to RAI's linear offering and thus with national coverage. The packages include the purchase of television commercials both during the commercial breaks of the news programs of Rai 1, i.e., TG1, Rai 2, and then TG2, and Rai 3, and then TG3, in the evening time slot and commercials on Rai News 24 in different time slots. For example, the morning slot, meridian, prime time and second prime time. The package in conjunction with TG1 evening, designed more for the 15-64 target audience, includes 8 commercials of which 1 on TG1 in the evening and the remaining 7 on Rai News 24 distributed on different time slots with a cost of several tens of thousands of € per list, of course to be discounted according to the commercial policies of the moment and the season. If you are interested in other News channels, you can find insights in the section dedicated to TGCOM24 or SkyTG24.

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