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Rai Sport+HD is the thematic TV channel published by Rai, created in 2017 from the merger of the broadcaster's two previous sports channels. Rai Sport+HD has become the benchmark for sports fans in Italy. Its rich and varied programming hosts major Italian and international sporting events, including the Giro d'Italia, the Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games. With a dedicated focus on live events in prime time, the channel also offers an extensive daily press review and several special columns, including "Pearls of Sports," which takes us on a journey to discover the history of historic sports figures, and "Total Football," a weekly in-depth feature.

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Rai Sport's innovation

Rai Sport+HD is not only a sports TV channel, but also a constantly evolving environment where innovation and excitement come together. With high-definition technology, viewers can experience every sporting moment with unprecedented sharpness and clarity, thus increasing the intensity of the sports experience. In addition, Rai Sport+HD is always at the forefront of integrating new digital platforms and social media, ensuring that the advertising message reaches an even wider and more engaged audience. The advertising campaign on Rai Sport+HD represents an investment in brand visibility and a step toward creating an authentic connection with the sports audience.

Why to invest in advertising on Rai Sport

At Spada Media Group, we recognize the importance of strategic and targeted advertising planning. Therefore, we offer specialized services for campaign implementation on Rai Sport, a dynamic and versatile channel. Our advertising packages on the entire Rai network include various options such as on-air spots, special initiatives and product placement, as well as thematic tracks covering a wide range of areas such as entertainment, sports, youth programs and more. Based on the specific performance of Rai Sport programs, we propose customized solutions to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of the campaign. A detailed proposal reflecting audience expectations, gross contacts, number of commercials, percentage in prime-time and estimated GRP will be presented. The offer also includes the possibility of exclusive campaigns on a single network or cross-campaigns involving other channels, such as Mediaset or La7, to ensure even broader coverage.

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