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A Sky-published channel on digital terrestrial channel 26, Cielo offers varied programming that includes reruns of premium programs from Sky packages, available since 2009. The name of the channel is a tribute to the TV group, being the Italian translation of "Sky." As a generalist network, Cielo appeals to a wide audience, both young and adult, boasting an average share of more than 1 percent. Its schedule is rich and diverse, including reality and talent shows, hit series such as "Dexter" and "Luther," and a selection of films organized in thematic cycles. Information also plays a key role, with Sky TG24 offering updates during various times of the day.

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Why invest in advertising on Cielo

To implement an effective advertising strategy on Cielo, in Spada Media Group we recommend the purchase of TV spot packages as part of the Sky Free To Air offer, i.e. Sky channels broadcast free to air. As Cielo is a generalist channel with a broad target audience, it is particularly suitable for brands from various industries interested in reaching a diverse audience. However, considering the specific audience of the channel, it is strategic to supplement the advertising campaign on Cielo with additional plans on other networks such as Sky, Mediaset, La7 or Rai. This approach maximizes the visibility and impact of the campaign by providing wider and more diverse media coverage.

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