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Sky TG24 is confirmed as the Sky Group's flagship all-news channel, offering constant and timely updates on the latest news. Visible to both Sky subscribers and free-to-air on digital terrestrial television, Sky TG24 is committed to providing accurate and immediate information, broadcasting news bulletins every half hour. With an average of more than 4 million unique viewers, the channel stands out for its ability to cover salient events with live and in-depth coverage, and offers a variety of specialized columns such as TG24 Business, Timeline, TG24 Mondo, and Showbiz. At Spada Media Group, we recognize the value of Sky TG24 as an influential and reliable platform for reaching an informed and attentive audience.

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For those wishing to position themselves effectively in the media landscape, offering advertising on Sky TG24 represents an unparalleled opportunity. The available advertising packages allow the insertion of TV spots during the breaks of news programs, adhering to a thematic package dedicated to news. This type of visibility is particularly suitable for companies and brands that want to be associated with the channel's characteristic topicality, credibility and timeliness. The commercials can be enjoyed by a wide range of users, including those on MySky, Sky Q, Sky via fiber, Sky Go, Sky on demand, etc., thus ensuring broad coverage and significant impact.

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