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TV8, a channel an integral part of the Sky network, which stands out for its varied and quality programming. With an annual average share of more than 2 percent, TV8 has established itself as a popular generalist channel, originally known as MTV. Since 2016, it has revamped its offerings with hit programs broadcast in first run on pay-TV, including Alessandro Borghese's 4 Restaurants, X Factor, MasterChef, as well as major TV series such as Gomorrah and New Girl. The broadcaster is also notable for broadcasting prestigious events such as Oscar night and the Golden Globes, as well as for the reliable news coverage provided by Sky TG24 and TG8.

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Why invest in advertising on TV8

Every advertising campaign requires thorough planning and a tailored strategy. The cost of commercials on TV8 varies depending on multiple factors, including time slots, commercial policies of the period, and the quality of available advertising space. One of our strengths is our ability to maximize the relationship between the cost of the investment and the audience reached, always aiming to place the commercials at the most opportune times. For example, a prime-time spot on a main channel will cost more than one broadcast at night on a smaller network, reflecting the difference in audience.

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