TV On Demand

On-demand television represents a significant breakthrough in the television industry, allowing viewers to access the content they want on demand. On-air programs can be viewed in live streaming, in some cases even with the ability to interrupt live broadcasts, or can be retrieved by users when they wish. This revolution is made possible by new technologies and a variety of devices that overcome the limitations of contemporary broadcasting and allow viewers to choose the content they prefer. Successful examples in this area include Rai Play and Mediaset Infinity.

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Advertising Campaigns on TV On Demand

It is possible to buy advertising space on TV On Demand, such as Mediaset Infinity, Rai Play, Sky Go or Sky on Demand, which allow advertisers to reach their audiences when viewers are viewing the content they are most interested in, from different connected devices. While playing content, TV On Demand players display video ads, giving advertisers a unique opportunity to communicate with their audience. In addition, web advertising space can be purchased, along with video spots, which can be interactive and trackable.

Therefore, advertising on TV On Demand follows the logic of web video, offering flexibility and precision in scheduling. Advertising campaigns are planned on "systems," groups of programs grouped by target affinity, such as News, Entertainment, Cinema, Cooking, Drama, Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, etc. In addition, each publisher has the option to expand the system with additional space on websites, YouTube channels, and more.

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