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Discovery+ has arrived in Italy with a wide range of domestic and international productions, ready to be explored since its launch. With programs ranging from entertainment to lifestyle, true crime to nature, adventure and sports, this platform offers a wide range of content. In addition, you can access Eurosport's world of premium sports, including tennis, basketball, cycling, winter sports, and the digital exclusive of the Olympic Games. The Discovery+ platform contains both open streaming content and video on demand (VOD), and users can choose from different subscription thresholds to customize their experience.

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Spada Media Group offers an opportunity to expand brand visibility through advertising on Discovery+. Advertisements will be shown to users when they launch the content they are interested in, prior to their enjoyment. Video spots can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of content, and offer clickability and tracking features to actively engage audiences. In this way, advertising on Discovery+ follows the dynamics of web video, providing flexibility and broad coverage. At Spada Media Group, we help clients make the most of the Discovery+ platform to promote the brand in an effective and engaging way.

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