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Mediaset Infinity is Mediaset's multimedia portal that offers viewers the ability to stream content via the Internet. This revolutionary platform makes it possible to access live streaming programs from various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, or to enjoy content on demand, freeing us from having to strictly follow air times. All of Mediaset's content is available on Mediaset Infinity, which means that you can review a talk show or an episode of a drama at any time, regardless of when it is broadcast on TV. Content is organized by channel affiliation or type, including movies, children's programs or documentaries.

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Spada Media Group offers the opportunity to advertise on Mediaset Infinity, reaching audiences when viewers launch content of their interest. Before the desired content is played, Mediaset Infinity presents video advertisements, thus following the logic of web videos, rather than traditional television schedules. The scheduling of preroll spots is done on "systems" that group related programs by category and related websites by theme.

Systems accessible from Mediaset Infinity include News, Entertainment, Cooking, Drama, Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness and more. Each system includes related programs and websites affiliated with the Mediamond network. When you plan a campaign on Mediaset Infinity, you access packages of preroll video commercials delivered exclusively on the programs and websites included in the system you choose. For example, with the News System, you can reach your audience through Mediaset TGs, such as TG5, TG4, Studio Aperto, and also on relevant websites such as,, and The video prerolls are mainly broadcast on Mediaset Infinity, providing about 70% coverage, while the rest is broadcast on the websites of the selected thematic circuit.

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