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Rai Play is Rai's multimedia platform that offers unrestricted content viewing with no time or airtime constraints. Established in the early 2000s as a website, it has been constantly updated until reaching its final version in 2016, both via browser and dedicated app. Viewers can enjoy live streaming or explore on-demand content, divided into categories based on the characteristics of various programs.

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advertising on Rai Play

Spada Media Group offers the opportunity to advertise on the Rai Play platform, enabling advertisers to expand their presence and reach their audiences in innovative ways. Both video and display (banner and other) advertising space can be purchased and integrated with traditional television scheduling. Advertising on Rai Play follows the dynamics of web video, offering flexibility beyond traditional TV tabling.

Before users' desired content is played, Rai Play presents video advertisements, while other forms of advertising, such as banners, may be displayed on the general page. The scheduling of preroll spots is organized in modules to fit the target affinities of different programs. By advertising on Rai Play, Spada Media Group helps make the most of this innovative platform to communicate effectively and engagingly with audiences.

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