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Sky Go is the free streaming service reserved for Sky subscribers, offering the opportunity to enjoy TV content via an application accessible from smartphones, tablets or computers. Through this platform, TV programs become on demand and can be enjoyed at any time. With the Sky Go Plus service, you can access premium features such as downloading programs and pausing during live broadcasts. Over the years, the app has evolved, even introducing personalized suggestions among the recommended movies.

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Why invest in
advertising on Sky Go

Spada Media Group offers the opportunity to run advertisements on Sky Go, which are shown to users when they launch the content they are interested in. Before programs are played, Sky Go presents commercials. Video ads can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of content and are interactive, allowing your potential customers to click and interact with your advertisement. In this way, advertising on Sky Go follows the logic of web video, providing greater flexibility than traditional television advertising. Spot planning is done on "systems," grouping related programs according to target audience.

You can plan advertising campaigns in a variety of ways, including geolocation options:

- Random: Random scheduling on linear channels and in Sky Go's On Demand library.
- Target: Targeted planning on linear channels specifically for male or female audiences.
- Thematic: Planning on a selection of TV series, entertainment and information programs.
- Top Event Sport: Planning on linear channels during major sporting events such as Serie A, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, MotoGP and Formula 1.
- Entertainment: Planning on entertainment events and hit TV series such as X Factor and MasterChef.

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