The traditional press office meets the digital world: in recent years, the way of communicating and relating to the media and press has profoundly changed, it is no longer possible to ignore the changes that have led platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to be protagonists in the world of information or the importance of the blog and influencer phenomenon.

For this reason, in addition to traditional press office services, Spada Media Group provides an integrated cross-media strategic consultancy service capable of guaranteeing the optimization and dissemination of contents both on traditional media (print or online newspapers) and on new digital channels, such as social networks and blogs.

In addition, with a proactive approach and strong of its experience in the digital field, the Agency is able to communicate to specific targets through targeted campaigns, making the most of the effectiveness of new tools such as professional and updated digital platforms and tools.

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    Spada Media Group therefore offers a press office service and P.R. complete, able to follow copy editing and public relations activities, relying on a dense network of contacts with media and newspapers (especially in the Milan and Lombardy area).

    The press office service supports the customer in managing relationships with all media, traditional and non-traditional, be it online or print publications, bloggers, influencers or journalists in a specific field, using updated databases, organized by sectors (food, automotive , fashion, etc ..) and by areas of competence.

    The press office service can be continuous or spot, i.e. activated on the occasion of corporate events, conferences or product launches. Especially in these cases, a good press office must be able to quickly structure a communication project that can effectively convey messages and news to different types of media, from traditional press to online sectoral editorial offices.

    Type of Press Office activity

    In particular, the Spada Media Group press office specializes in:

    • Support for corporate editorial activity and placement of content
    • Creation and dissemination of press releases
    • Daily management of relations with journalists
    • Organization of press conferences, interviews, press tours
    • Content creation (copy editing and graphics) for company newsletters or periodicals
    • Creation of SEO optimized content
    • Online media monitoring and traditional press service
    • Press review and reporting service
    • Public relation service with bloggers and online newspapers
    • Management of RSVP and presence sheets
    • Advertorials
    • Copyediting and newsletter service

    Phases of the project

    1. Project Strategy Development

    Starting from the customer’s needs, the most suitable and effective type of press office activity is identified for the communication objectives by setting up an ad hoc project, in particular by immediately defining reference targets, media and implementation times.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    1. Start of business

    Once the communication strategy has been set, operational activities are initiated which can be of various types: from the organization of a press conference to the drafting of one or more press releases or articles; from monitoring and press reviews to the public relations service with bloggers or journalists, for example linked to the launch of a new product. All content created will always be sent to the customer for approval, before proceeding with the activity.

    Timing: to be confirmed based on the specific project


    1. Reporting and Press Review

    At the end of the activity, the relative reports will be shared with the customer: the press review linked to the press conference, launch event, and or to the sending of a press release with the relative data on views and sharing of social posts/articles published by influencers , bloggers or journalists.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    Staff employed

    Account Manager: he is the reference figure for the customer and is responsible for managing all the operational phases necessary for the realization of press office activities, acting as an intermediary between the customer/commercial area/specialist.

    Press Office Specialist: deals with the drafting of textual content for the press office activity (press releases, articles, etc.), using an engaging writing style suitable for the type of project and target audience, also using advanced SEO techniques to optimize digital content.

    Graphic Designer: takes care of creating the coordinated image of the press office project, respecting the client’s brand identity and the technical specifications of the various media used.


    The pluses of the service

    • Cross-media strategic consulting service able to ensure the optimization and dissemination of content both on traditional media (print or online newspapers) and on new digital channels, such as social media and blogs.
    • Communication aimed at specific targets, making the most of the effectiveness of old and new media through professional and updated platforms and tools.
    • Improvement of the corporate image and support in achieving the set goals through successful communication.


    Why choose Spada Media Group

    • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
    • Creation of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
    • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
    • The only agency for cross-media campaigns
    • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
    • Training and continuous updating
    • Google Premier Partner Certification
    • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
    • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
    • Prestashop Partner Agency
    • Mailup Partner