The communication activities of influencer marketing which provide the involvement of web celebrities constitute the cutting edge of marketing. Thanks to the new tools for monitoring web reputation and blogger recruitment, it is possible, with reduced budgets, to reach your target audience and have maximum results in brand visibility.

How it works

The projects and initiatives that involve bloggers and social influencers are based on 5 main phases:

  • INFLUENCER RECRUITMENT: identification of the main sector influencers and engagement
  • NEGOTIATION: ad hoc project development with blogger
  • MANAGEMENT: creation of content for experiential storytelling and relationship management
  • DISTRIBUTION: main channels selection and distribution
  • MEASUREMENT: Results analysis and web review

Possible goals and activities

The communication projects and initiatives are “tailor made“, that is always built on the basis of customer’s needs and on the peculiarities of the individual blogger. It is possible to identify some types of campaigns and activities with different objectives:

Low budgets and maximum visibility

Unlike marketing campaigns that involve the involvement of celebrities with very high budgets, influencer marketing allows you to reach your target audience at low costs, ensuring visibility of your brand and being able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign thanks to advanced tools tracking, Analytics and Social Insights.