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The media are constantly evolving, which is why in addition to traditionalpress office services, we provide integrated cross-media strategic consulting. We curate the optimization and dissemination of content on social and digital channels. We are constantly updating our databases to offer increasingly personalized contacts and solutions, broken down by sectors and on the cutting edge. We study versatile and flexible partnerships to build trust with our clients.

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Media Relations & PR

At Spada Media Group we help brands build an authoritative and influential corporate image through the production and dissemination of press releases and the organization of tailor-made events that effectively reflect companies' values and ambitions. An integral part of our service is media relations, a key activity that we manage with special attention, developing strong and lasting relationships with journalists and major publications to amplify the visibility and impact of our client brands.

Traditional Press Office work is complemented by Digital PR activities and collaborations with influencers and bloggers to create effective and meaningful narratives in the digital world. This integrated approach enables us to offer comprehensive communication solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive market.

Copywriting &
E-mail Marketing

Spada Media Group's Press Office also handles copywriting and newsletter & DEM creation. Our copywriters produce clear and persuasive content that reflects brand identity and is designed specifically for a specific target audience. We design our clients' communication campaigns through curated language and targeted content strategies. We also plan customized e-mail marketing campaigns designed to stimulate user interaction and encourage conversions.

The content of our DEMs is designed to attract attention at the most decisive moments, thereby increasing the chances of conversion and strengthening our clients' online presence. Combining data analysis and creativity, we design newsletters that inform and engage recipients, enriching their experience and building a loyal community around brands.

Storytelling &

We create content that not only communicates, but also connects with the audience, building a lasting and meaningful relationship. Spada Media Group's goal is to offer a service that is consistent with our clients' philosophy and transforms every aspect of their communication into a unique experience. Our work aims to bring brand stories to life: that is why we listen to clients' needs and turn their vision into concrete and measurable communication strategies.

Flexible and measurable solutions

Our Press Office offers versatile and flexible collaboration solutions, adaptable to the specific needs of each project. Our team can be activated for both short-term assignments and strategic, long-term partnerships, always ensuring personalized service tailored to each company. This approach allows us to consolidate our clients' trust and satisfaction by providing detailed reports, press reviews, targeted communication strategies, and effective and transparent management of each publishing activity.

Our Press Office Solutions:

Digital PR

In the current marketing landscape, Digital PR is a very useful communication technique that is close to influencer marketing, as it leverages the charisma and reach of web celebrities to effectively and directly communicate a brand's values.


This service is designed for both publications of national significance and specific local publications, with proposals in print and digital formats. Our goal is to integrate journalism and advertising, resulting in content that not only informs, but also enhances the brand.

Copyediting & Newsletter

Copywriting, which consists of creating persuasive and engaging text, ensures that all content is taken care of grammatically, syntactically, and stylistically. We ensure that messages are clear, compelling, and engaging, with the goal of providing a professional level of copywriting service.

Press Office

In a dynamic and ever-changing environment, an intermediary between the company and the media is indispensable-a function that the Press Office performs continuously.

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