Digital PR

In today's marketing landscape, Digital PR emerges as a very useful communication technique close to influencer marketing, as it leverages the charisma and reach of webcelebrity to effectively and directly communicate a brand's values. At Spada Media Group we use state-of-the-art web reputation monitoring tools and sophisticated blogger recruitment techniques. As a result, we are ready to turn companies' ideas in influencer marketing or digital PR campaigns into reality and effective tailor-made solutions.

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Digital PR activities.

Regardless of whether the goal is to improve brand awareness, generate contact opportunities, or launch a new product in the marketplace, our range of skills and services allows us to cover all PR Digital needs in communications and marketing. We provide our clients not only with extensive experience in the field of Digital PR, but also with a passion for innovation and creativity that guides us in delivering successful campaigns. We work alongside companies to grow their brand and achieve their goals in the digital world.

Digital PR consulting and strategy

In developing a Digital PR strategy, each step is precisely curated to ensure maximum impact and alignment with companies' goals. From influencer recruitment to content distribution, we follow a 5-step design:

- Influencer recruitment: we select influencers that are relevant and in line with brand and industry values;
- Negotiation: we work with bloggers to create customized initiatives that reflect the companies' goals;
- Management and Storytelling: we create authentic content that tells the brand story in an engaging way;
- Distribution: we identify the most effective channels for optimal content visibility;
- Analysis and Reporting: we provide a detailed analysis of the impact of activities and a review of web mentions.

Collaboration with customers

The key to Digital PR success is the close collaboration and integration between our team and clients. At Spada Media Group, we firmly believe in the importance of fully understanding the vision, values and specific goals of the companies that choose us. This allows us to work in synergy, creating tailored campaigns that perfectly reflect the identity of the brands. Our collaborative process begins with brainstorming sessions and joint planning, where customer ideas and feedback are key.

After defining the goals, we proceed with selecting the most suitable influencers and creating content that resonates with the target audience. Our close collaboration with the client also continues in the monitoring and analysis phase, ensuring that campaigns are always aligned with expectations and are then optimized based on feedback and results.

Digital PR Strategy

We understand the importance of achieving meaningful results even with limited budgets. That's why we offer solutions designed to maximize the impact of brands, regardless of the portfolio size of the companies that choose us. Each strategy we develop is tailored to the client's specific needs, taking into account budget and business goals. In this way, we optimize Return On Investment (ROI) for all our clients, ensuring that each investment has a significant impact on the brand.

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