Spada Agency offers a P.R. and complete press office service, capable of following copy editing and public relations activities, relying on a dense network of contacts with media and newspapers, especially in the Milan area.

The press office service offered by the Agency supports the customer in managing relations with all media, traditional and otherwise, whether they are online or print newspapers, bloggers, influencers or journalists from a specific area. Thanks to its many years of experience in the field, Spada Agency can rely on updated databases, organized by sectors (food, automotive, fashion, etc.) and areas of expertise (with coverage mainly concentrated in the metropolitan city of Milan and its province).

The press office service can be continuous or temporary, i.e. activated during corporate events, conferences or product launches. Especially in these cases, a good press office must be able to quickly structure a communication project that can effectively convey messages and news to different types of media, from traditional press to online editorial offices.

The traditional press office meets the digital world

In recent years the way of communicating and relating to the media and the press has changed profoundly, it is no longer possible to ignore the changes that have led platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to be protagonists of the world of information and the importance of the “blog phenomenon”.

For this reason, in addition to the typical services of press office, the Agency provides an integrated cross-media strategic consultancy service that can also guarantee the optimization and dissemination of content on social channels and blogs for both relational and editorial activities.

Furthermore, with a proactive approach and strong of its experience in the digital field, Spada Agency is able to communicate to specific targets through targeted campaigns, making the most of the effectiveness of old and new media through professional and updated platforms and tools.

A complete and structured range of printing services

Spada Agency team, thanks to the experience acquired in different business areas and types of events, is the ideal interlocutor for those who need support in public relations and relations management with the media.

In particular, our press office specializes in: