StarkeyAmerican world leader company in producing hearing aids and 7 th corporate of the United States for income, launched in Italy a new strategy in B2C marketing with the opening of social media networks and decided to strenghten the brand awareness and increase its base of prospective consumers.


Start-up of new social media pages (Facebook and LinkedIn) with a strong community management strategy, the purpose is to reinforce brand image through the identification of the quality, technology and reliability of Starkey. The Fan Page tells the corporate history and Starkey Hearing Foundation with high creative contents by raising awareness on hearing loss and promoting products and services in a non-conventional way. The strategy includes customer assistance at all levels. Corporate LinkedIn Page reaches a specific target of clients and develops a professional community, moreover it keeps all the followers updated on brand news and it reinforce client brand reputation.


Starkey Italy is the 1st company producing hearing aids who opened Facebook and LinkedIn pages and became a reference point in social media for acoustic protesists and customers. It’s also leader among its European competitors in terms of fan base and engagement.


“Thanks to promptness and accuracy in replying to our clients/fans and thanks to creativity in editorial planning our social networks are flagship of our digital marketing strategy. A well done experiment for all!” Roberto Rossini, Marketing Manager – Starkey Italy.