An e-commerce is a very effective tool to promote your business, even if it is a small business. Opening an e-commerce, in fact, ensures numerous advantages. Here are the main ones.

What is an e-commerce?

Before discovering why e-commerce can be an advantageous choice, it is advisable to know exactly what it is. The most widespread type of e-commerce is the so-called B2C or business to consumer, which means that in this case a direct sale is made from the company to the final consumer, without the need for intermediaries.


Advantages offered by an online shop

The reasons why it is convenient to open an e-commerce are numerous:

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1) The shop is always open

It may seem trivial, but compared to a physical store, an e-commerce never closes; as a result, customers can make purchases 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, in comfort. This is also a very advantageous solution for the seller who in this way has the possibility to sell their products or services at any time – including holidays – and from anywhere. Furthermore, to manage an e-commerce, it is not necessary to have a warehouse: thanks to the dropshipping method, in fact, it is possible to delegate the packaging and shipping operations directly to the supplier.



2) Fixed costs are reduced

The economic aspect is always very important when it comes to business. In the case of e-commerce, the advantage consists in the reduction of fixed costs, such as renting the premises or expenses related to utilities and staff fees.



3) Business opportunities are multiplying

Thanks to the internet it has been possible to break down distances and discover new horizons in a way that before the advent of the web would have been impossible: small companies had a purely local range of action, large ones wider, but they too could not be everywhere. With the internet, however, you can sell anywhere in the globe, thus multiplying business opportunities, even abroad. If the intent is to export your online business to other countries, e-commerce should be multilingual, to facilitate its usability internationally.



4) The organization of commercial activities is implemented

Paper advertising campaigns, organization of events, supply of points of sale: all actions that are undoubtedly very effective in terms of marketing but which cost a lot of time, effort and money. Not to mention that qualified personnel are needed to be able to organize them in the best possible way. With an e-commerce, on the other hand, it is possible to plan commercial actions in a much easier way: simply by updating the site, you can let users know about promotions, news and upcoming releases.



5) Valuable data are collected

Online purchases allow you to collect very useful information about customers, so that you can adjust the shot with respect to marketing strategies based on data regarding the target. Once the target audience has been identified, in fact, it is very important to know everything possible about their tastes and preferences, so as to propose an increasingly customized offer.



6) It helps to define the corporate image

The Internet is a very powerful tool that can determine the success or failure of any business. For this reason, if e-commerce is done well and works correctly, you can take advantage of this channel to improve your corporate image and thus obtain greater visibility. An online store can have the same – if not even greater – credibility as a physical brand, if you pay due attention to nurturing relationships with customers, guaranteeing them maximum satisfaction in the purchasing process.

How to organize an e-commerce

Once you have considered the advantages of opening an e-commerce, however, you need to find out how to best manage it. The first actions to be taken in this regard are the optimization and promotion of website, which take place in various ways:

In conclusion, therefore, opening an e-commerce represents a strategic business choice that can guarantee numerous advantages, both in the short and long term.