Website assistance is a personalized service that is tailor-made according to the customer’s needs.

Why request assistance for your site

Support for the management of your website is very important in order to guarantee its correct functioning; the assistance service is useful in different circumstances:

  • Safety. With the development and diffusion of new technologies, cyber attacks aimed at the acquisition of sensitive data have become one of the most feared crimes by companies. At this juncture, website assistance allows you to act both for preventive purposes, by putting in place all possible security measures to prevent actions by hackers, and to restore the system in the event of an attack;

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    • Content update. The constant updating of websites is very important in order to communicate to users – and to search engines – that the portal is not a static entity but offers current, useful and captivating information. The assistance service includes the creation of data entry interventions and the insertion of new contents (texts, images, videos, catalogs, etc.), capable of reflecting the identity of the company, its mission, the offer of services and products;
    • Hosting and server support issues. How many times, browsing through the pages of a website, do we notice loading problems or server errors? Thanks to the assistance service it is possible to promptly report any critical issues related to server stability (uptime), slow response times and much more to your hosting partner. In this way it will be possible to intervene quickly on technical factors that affect the site’s performance and improve them, thus offering users an excellent browsing experience;
    • Mail assistance. Technical assistance also takes care of the configuration and proper functioning of the customer’s e-mail box. In case of problems accessing your WebMail, receiving and sending messages, mailbox full, etc.