When you need to create a website, it is good to allocate a defined budget for the purpose, so as to have an exact idea of ​​the investment to be made.

By contacting professionals in the sector, it is possible to obtain honest quotes, able to guarantee an excellent quality / price ratio. The first thing to clarify is that the cost of a website depends on the needs of the customer, varying in relation to the content to be created.

If you want to develop a professional website, you must first of all keep in mind that a site of this type is designed in such a way that it can help the company achieve concrete objectives, transforming the users who visit it into contacts and, consequently, into possible clients. In this sense, a professional website represents a real working tool.

The quotes for websites are formulated in a completely personalized way, taking into account the type of site you intend to create and the fact that, if you opt for a professional solution, each page must be developed with the aim of generating results, the which means that the site must also be SEO-friendly.

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    As for the type of sites for which a tailor-made quote is requested, the main ones are:

    • E-commerce site, for which particular attention must be paid to the aspect of the sale, making sure that the system works quickly and easily, to guarantee customers maximum satisfaction in the purchasing process;
    • Custom institutional website: in this case the quote includes items such as a custom-designed graphic proposal, basic SEO optimization, content insertion, but also training, assistance, maintenance, all in compliance with the legislation GDPR;
    • Website template. The goal is to create a website with a responsive design (that is, easily usable from any device), simple to manage but, at the same time, that has low costs. You can choose your favorite template from the proposed themes; subsequently, the colors are changed in line with the corporate image and personalized content is added, including images and videos. As with the custom site, SEO optimization, training, assistance and maintenance are also guaranteed.