The digital universe is constantly evolving and, consequently, websites also have to adapt to news. There are companies that have been on the web for many years, which have invested heavily in building their online presence and yet find themselves forced to do a complete restyling, to adapt their website to the needs of current users.

When you need to make a website restyling

The restyling of a website is carried out for several reasons:

  • The corporate image has changed. Websites – in parallel with the companies themselves – are renewed: over time, objectives, colors, organization can change and, consequently, they must be able to better communicate the current brand image. For this it becomes necessary to revisit the look of your website, so that it expresses the corporate image with precision and consistency.

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    • The site does not have a responsive design. Another reason why it is necessary to undertake the restyling of a website is the need to update the design so that it is easily usable from any device, including tablets and smartphones. An outdated site that presents critical issues related to User Experience and responsiveness risks damaging the company’s visibility: users who are unable to easily navigate the site from mobile are in fact more likely to abandon the portal in favor of the responsive sites of competitors;
    • The graphics are not current: to give a new look to the company website, it is often not necessary to completely overturn the current one, but only to modernize it, changing fonts, colors and layouts;
    • The current site is not SEO-friendly. The importance of SEO, that is, the set of techniques and strategies to improve the positioning of a site on search engines, is now known to everyone, not just to those in the sector. The restyling of a domain allows it to be redesigned and restructured from an SEO perspective, thus improving its predisposition to appear among the first results of the search queries typed by users;
    • There have been some changes that have made restyling inevitable, such as, for example, opening an e-commerce section or introducing new products or services.