Increase the visibility of your brand with Influencer Marketing

The communication activities of influencer marketing that provide the involvement of web celebrities constitute the cutting edge of marketing. Thanks to the new web reputation monitoring tools and blogger recruitment it is possible, with reduced budgets, to reach your target audience and have maximum results in brand visibility. Spada Media Group offers a recruitment, coordination and results monitoring service for bloggers and influencers from every sector, from food to automotive, from fitness to fashion.

Low budgets and maximum visibility

Unlike marketing campaigns that involve the involvement of celebrities with very high budgets, influencer marketing allows you to reach your target audience at low costs, ensuring visibility of your brand and also being able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign thanks to advanced tools like Analytics and Social Insights.

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How it works

The projects and initiatives that involve bloggers and social influencers are based on 5 main phases:


Identification of the main influencers in the sector and engagement


Ad hoc project development with bloggers


Content creation for experiential storytelling and relationship management


Main channel selection and distribution


Results analysis and web review

Not all the influencers are the same

The influencers can be classified into three different categories according to the functions they perform and the type of service requested:

  • TESTIMONIAL: high-level influencers (often TV characters) with the aim of associating the brand with a well-known face, widely followed on social networks and with shared values.
  • MICRO-INFLUENCER: search, selection and management of influencers with a large following on social media, available to interact with the brand or its products, even if only for a short communication campaign.
  • PHYGITAL INFLUENCER: new frontiers of influencer marketing that allows real contact between influencers, the brand and their followers, often through real events and example of Product Discovery, Brand Conversation or Brand Experience.

Possible goals and activities

The communication projects and initiatives are “tailor made“, that is always built on the basis of the customer’s needs and on the peculiarities of the individual blogger. It is possible to identify some types of campaigns and activities with different objectives:

Digital PR

Increase your visibility and engagement on social networks thanks to digital influencers

Content placement

Publication of an article and a news on blogs and portals with thousands of visitors

Products review

Creation of product reviews by an authoritative voice in your industry

Test Drive

Promote and enhance new car models with a road test review

Location visibility

Give visibility to your location thanks to the presence of an industry influencer

Special Guest

Make your event unique thanks to the participation of a special guest

Phases of the projects

1. Recruitment and project development

In this phase, the Social Media Specialists analyze the main influencers in the sector and their respective engagement, in order to select the best ones to be included within a strategic project built on the needs of the customer. Each project is structured ad hoc on the basis of client’s objectives and budget, and can include the involvement of one or more industry influencers. Once this document has been drawn up, it is shared with the customer.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


2. Activity management

Once blogger or influencer to be involved have been defined with the client, the activity is operationally set, which varies with respect to the objectives set:

  • Content Creation -> production of quality photo and video content that is able to improve the perception of the brand, in relation to the key points of customer communication.
  • Digital PR → Manage the creation and publication of content by the digital influencers involved, with the aim of increasing visibility and engagement on the customer’s social networks.
  • Content placement → Manage the publication of an article/photo/video content and a news on blogs and portals with thousands of visitors.
  • Product Reviews → Coordinate the creation of product reviews by an authoritative voice in your industry.
  • Test Drive → Ability to provide the influencer with a car, on loan for use for a day or a weekend (or other period to be agreed), in order to carry out a test drive and review it on their own channels
  • Location visibility → Coordinate the presence of the influencer within their location/company in order to enhance their visibility.
  • Special Guest → Coordinate the presence of the influencer at your event, such as a conference or the launch of a new product, etc. and relative-eventual publication of ad hoc contents on its own channels.

Each content created will be agreed/shared with the customer before publication.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


3. Content publishing and interaction management

With the final approval by the customer, the contents are published by the influencer on their channels, the number of total publications is determined by the plan selected during the recruitment phase. The same contents are shared on the customer’s social profiles and daily monitoring of comments, likes and interactions with the published contents is carried out.

Timing: daily activity


4. Reporting

At the end of the influencer marketing activity, a personalized report is drawn up that includes the results of all the publications made by the influencers, in terms of views and engagement, obtained thanks to advanced monitoring tools, Analytics and Social Insights.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


Staff employed

  • Account Manager: he is the reference figure for customer and is responsible for managing all operational phases related to the Influencer Marketing activity, acting as an intermediary between the customer/commercial area/Social Media/Community Manager and the influencers themselves.
  • Social Media Manager: is the specialist who deals with the creation of content for the PED related to influencer marketing activities and the direct management of the influencers involved.
  • Community Manager: takes care of the daily management of the interactions that are recorded by the customer’s social profiles, moderating comments, messages received and reviews.
  • Social Creative Graphic Designer: takes care of creating the contents of the PED related to influencer marketing from a graphic point of view, respecting the technical specifications of the media.
  • Copywriter: deals with the drafting of the textual part of the posts, called “copy”, related to influencer marketing activities, using an engaging writing style suitable for the type of media used.


Plus of the service

  • Generate brand awareness and improve the customer’s brand reputation
  • Ability to invest low budgets and achieve great results in terms of visibility and engagement, especially on the customer’s social channels
  • Build customer loyalty by transforming the brand into a community


Why choose Spada Media Group for your influencer marketing campaign

  • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
  • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
  • Single agency for cross-media campaigns
  • Creation of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
  • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
  • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
  • Training and continuous updating
  • Google Premier Partner Certification
  • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
  • Prestashop Partner Agency
  • Mailup Partner

Case Histories

Federica Fontana for Juice Plus

Customer sector:


Requested service:


Customer request:

Propose a celebrity as the face of Juis Plus for 2018 that would represent and embody the values promoted by the brand: fitness, wellness, healthy and sporty life.

Performed activities:

Spada Media Group proposed as a testimonial and then managed relations with Federica Fontana, selected by JuisPlus as the face of the brand for the year 2018.

The Agency then coordinated its participation in the Juis Plus Live event in Rome and agreed on content and scheduling of activities on the showgirl’s social networks.


The testimonial was well received by the participants in the event and on social networks, helping to spread the brand within a fan base targeting the customer’s products and values.

Paolo Balsamo for Renault

Customer sector:


Requested service:


Customer request:

Promote the New Renault Twingo by targeting a young audience, communicating with effective and emotional images

Performed activities:

Spada Media Group proposed as influencer and then managed relationships with Paolo Balsamo, Instagram influencer with a young audience aged between 20 and 35 years.

The Agency therefore agreed with him on an editorial plan which included several posts accompanied by a comment on the car’s performance and functionality.


Thousands of views achieved, high level of engagement on posts.