AR applications: the new digital frontier

Augmented Reality Apps are becoming increasingly popular in every market sector, trespassing from the world of gaming and entertainment to conquer the most varied areas of application. Let’s see what augmented reality is and why more and more companies have decided to invest in this technology.

But what is augmented reality? On this type, a parenthesis could be opened, destined to never close. Although the subject has been treated by physicists, theologians and philosophers, giving a single definition of reality is extremely difficult. To simplify, however, we could define as “real” everything that is perceived by our senses.

When we talk about augmented reality we mean an enhancement of what we perceive thanks to the use of digital tools. In other words, technology helps us to make reality richer and better from an experiential point of view.

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    Are augmented reality and virtual reality synonymous?

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are often regarded as synonyms. In fact, these are two distinct concepts.

    While virtual reality precludes sensory experience, augmented reality integrates with the perceived, enhancing what the senses offer. In short, augmented reality allows you to see the context around you enriched by additional data, thanks to the support of technology.

    An example of augmented reality? Smart glasses, wearable mini computers, which enrich the context and the user’s point of view.

    Apart from smart glasses, augmented reality apps play a fundamental role in the context of technological progress, being able to integrate physical reality and the digital world for the benefit of individuals and companies.


    Augmented reality for companies: the areas of application

    As we have seen, the progress made in the field of augmented reality can be very beneficial for all companies, thanks to the different applications available.

    Take the industrial context: when a new machinery is developed and presented to the experts, it is possible to better illustrate its characteristics with the help of videos and contents that appear on a display in real time, showing in detail the different components of the appliance and their functions.

    Even among architects and designers, the use of augmented reality apps is gaining momentum, to facilitate the survey of environments and buildings and offer the opportunity to explore interiors before they are built, to define every aspect in detail.

    Not only. The potential of AR is evident even in simple contexts of everyday life. At the restaurant, for example: thanks to the augmented reality apps, it is possible to view on the display of your smartphone a lot of information about the place where you are, the reviews of other customers, the menus offered, the most sought-after dishes.

    According to research conducted by Deloitte, about 90% of companies with annual sales between $ 100 million and $ 1 billion have invested in augmented reality technology.

    The reason is simple: the prospect of showing your customers the use of a product through an interactive and engaging experience is a plus to be able to emerge in your sector, conquering the reference markets.


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