ASO: why it can increase your business?

With the emergence of an increasingly widespread use of smartphones, mobile apps can represent a winning way to determine the success of a company, a freelancer or a start-up.

However, creating an app is not enough to get your business off the ground.

It does not matter how much attention is paid to the smallest details: the app, if it is not identifiable by users within the App Store, will hardly be able to achieve the desired success.

And it is precisely with this goal that App Store Optimization (ASO) comes into play, also known as App Store SEO, or the set of activities necessary to maximize the organic visibility of an app in online stores and thus facilitate its download.

In this short guide, we will show you what App Store Optimization is and, above all, why it is essential to advance your business.

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    What is App Store Optimization (ASO) and how it works

    When designing an application for mobile devices, a number of aspects must be evaluated, including text, graphics, ease of use and usability by users.

    To these factors, we must add another, equally essential: App Store Optimization, or the set of activities necessary to improve the organic visibility of an application within the online stores from which it can be downloaded. Whether it’s Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store or BlackBerry World, the SEO App Store is now an essential part of a well-structured marketing plan.

    To develop a winning App Store Seo strategy, it is necessary to optimize all aspects of an app, starting with the name, title, icon, images and reviews.

    But not only. Once the app is positioned, and therefore made visible for certain keywords, it is necessary to ensure a good click-through rate (Click-Through Rate, CTR), convincing users to tap the tab in the app store.

    Once the click barrier has been overcome, it is time to entice the user to download the app and, possibly, to make a purchase, optimizing the conversion rate.

    Also in this phase, the ASO plays a fundamental strategic role.



    Advantages of ASO

    As we have seen, app optimization is a fundamental element for your business: the more an app appears at the top of the search results in the store, the more it will be visible among users and, consequently, the more likely it will be downloaded, with all that goes with it.

    Specifically, the advantages of Seo App Marketing can be summarized as follows:

    • Improvement of the overall visibility of your app within the App Stores. Despite the importance of aspects such as originality and usability, the first requirement of a successful application is the ability to be easily identified by your target audience, thus increasing the likelihood that it will be downloaded.
    • Increase in organic downloads, with long-term successful results. This translates, in practice, into the fact that users, looking for keywords associated with a particular app, will always find it among the first results.
    • Decrease in acquisition costs. Although advertising is a great way to increase the visibility of your company, investing in the Seo App Store allows you to reduce user acquisition costs, guaranteeing money savings and, at the same time, regular growth.
    • Increase in revenue and conversion rate. As with web ads, there are various ways to monetize with the app: in-app, in-app purchases and various types of subscriptions. However, if the application page itself does not lead to conversions – that is, it does not convince users to download – the money spent on advertising will be completely wasted. On the contrary, thanks to an App Store SEO strategy, the conversion rate is also optimized, with the aim of inducing more and more users to click on an app, download it, use it and make purchases.
    • Expansion of the almost unlimited user base. By making the app multilingual through an optimization process, it is possible to land on foreign markets and expand your business globally.

    ASO, as well as SEO for search engines, represents a constantly evolving process: the optimization and continuous monitoring of the app, in fact, represent the keystones for a structured and, above all, winning strategy for the own business.


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