Facebook, a powerful marketing tool

Facebook is the most famous social media and currently one of the most populated with over 2 billion active users; for this reason, and above all thanks to some of its features, it represents an essential marketing tool for all brands and companies, both small and large.

Being present on Facebook is essential for several reasons:

  • It is a showcase to give visibility to your products
  • Allows you to create targeted ads by profiling your target audience
  • It is an important channel for communicating with your customer base and creating engagement
  • It can be used for lead generation campaigns
  • Strengthens and communicates the brand identity

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    Some data about the use of FB

    In March 2019, over 2.38 billion Facebook users were active monthly in the world and every day over a billion and a half people connect to the platform. (Source: Facebook)

    In Italy, however, about 35.7 million users are active on Facebook as recently released by Agcom; another interesting fact sees that thr 81% of Internet users, aged between 16 and 34, use the platform, especially to share moments, inquire and read reviews. (Source: Report Digital 2019 – Hootsuite)

    Viewing these data, it is not surprising that companies have decided to exploit the platform for their online visibility and for the promotion of products and services and that Facebook has committed itself over the years to providing increasingly sophisticated tools to meet the needs of commercial realities present on social.

    But being present is not enough, if badly managed, the online presence on Facebook can prove to be a real “boomerang” producing more damage than benefit, for this reason it is important to rely on professionals who know well the medium, its functions and its internal mechanisms.

    How much it costs to manage a corporate Facebook page

    A Facebook page is generally managed by a Social Media Manager (SMM), who is a technician specialized in social media, with strong communication and web marketing skills. Generally the SMM is supported by a Graphic Designer and a Copy Editor, who respectively take care of the graphic and textual part of the editorial plan of the page. For more complex projects and more demanding customers, an Account Manager and a Media Planner can also be added to the team, who respectively coordinate the activities and plan the advertising budget. From these indications it can be deduced that the cost for managing a page varies greatly depending by the team allocated and the quantity and complexity of posts that will be created, but in any case it is between a few hundred and a few thousand Euros per month. To this amount must be added the budget to be paid to Facebook to activate advertising, essential for fan growth campaigns, post promotion, event sponsorship, lead generation, etc.

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    Phases of the projects

    1. Sector analysis

    In this phase, the Social Media Specialists structure an in-depth benchmarking within which they analyze the customer’s fan page, the main trends in the sector, the most relevant competitors, and finally identify the macro topics outlining the strategy to be adopted to maximize the user involvement.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

    2. Company fan page creation (optional)

    If it does not yet exist, we proceed with the creation of the company Facebook fanpage, inserting a profile image, devising the best format for the cover and the main information requested by the channel, all in line with the corporate image.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

    3. Editorial plan

    The main tool used to manage communication on Facebook is the Editorial Plan (PED), created by the Social Media Manager, containing all the post proposals to be published on the customer’s fanpage. Each proposed content uses sector-specific creative codes and languages ​​with the aim of expanding the fan base and improving the customer’s brand image through emotional communication and careful programming of posts that are coherent, interesting and non-repetitive, and that push users to interact and share content. For this reason, communication “streams” are created based on macro themes to be proposed periodically, consisting of thematic posts characterized by a common thread and a common and recognizable graphic layout. The number of weekly publications is determined by the plan selected by the customer (1-2-3 or 5 posts/week – excluding production of original content, photos and videos). The graphics for the cover image of the fanpage are also designed and created, periodically updated. The PED is submitted to the customer for approval with an agreed procedure.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    4. Post publication and interaction management

    Once the client approves the PED, all content is scheduled and then published. The daily monitoring of comments, likes and interactions with the published contents (during working hours) is also carried out. The management of social interactions is structured through specific procedures agreed with the customer, as well as structured through an Interaction Management document and F.A.Q. (Crisis Management excluded).

    Timing: daily activity


    5. Setting up social ADV campaigns

    Activation of customizable advertising campaigns based on the goal you want to achieve, so as to effectively intercept the largest number of targeted users and convey the key messages of the various communication campaigns.

    In particular, it is possible to activate adverting campaigns with different objectives:

    • Brand awareness: increased knowledge of the company / product
    • Coverage: promotion of a message in the chosen territory with a defined mileage and with any call-to-action (eg. Call extension or contact via Messenger)
    • Traffic: to the customer’s website (installation of a monitoring pixel required to track the actions of the public on the site)
    • Interaction: eg. with a post, with a target profiled by geographic area / interests
    • Lead Generation: collection of contacts on a highly profiled audience (custom audience)
    • Fan acquisition: increase of the fan base of the page
    • Message reception: promotion of information requests from users directly in Messenger
    • Conversions: aimed at obtaining leads, or filling in a form, by users
    • Video views: for videos posted directly on the customer’s fanpage
    • Sale of products in the catalog: promotion of the online sale of products loaded in the catalog, recommended for those who have an e-commerce site
    • Traffic at the point of sale: invitation to physically go to the customer’s point of sale
    • App installations: promote the customer’s app by inviting the user to download it on their smartphone


    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

    6. Reporting

    Semi-annual or quarterly drafting of personalized reports for monitoring the page and pay-per-click campaigns with analysis of the increase and type of fans, trend and quality of interactions, response of the fan base to individual posts, organic and paid, identification of strengths and reporting of any critical issues. The frequency of receipt of the report is linked to the type of subscription selected.


    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

    Staff employed

    Account Manager: he is the reference figure for the customer and is responsible for managing all operational phases related to the Social Media Marketing activity, acting as an intermediary between the customer / commercial area / Social Media and Community Manager.

    Social Media Manager: is the specialist who deals with the creation of content for the PED and the setting of ADV campaigns. He has direct and daily contacts with the Facebook marketing team.

    Community Manager: takes care of the daily management of the interactions that are recorded by the customer’s fan page, moderating comments, messages received and reviews.

    Social Creative Graphic Designer: takes care of creating the contents of the PED (post, cover image) from a graphic point of view, devising the creative concept of the message to be transmitted and respecting the technical specifications of the media.

    Copywriter: deals with the drafting of the textual part of the posts, called “copy”, using an engaging writing style suitable for the type of media used.


    Plus of the service

    • Spada Media Group is Facebook Marketing Partner, with a direct and preferential communication channel with Facebook Inc.
    • Generate brand awareness and improve the customer’s brand reputation
    • Build customer loyalty by transforming the brand into a community
    • Create an auxiliary tool for social customer service so that users can also find on the Facebook page a comparison interface and an opportunity for dialogue to get information
    • Increase the visibility of the brand thanks to the ADV sponsored on a specific target
    • Improve the presence of the brand on search engines


    Why choose Spada Media Group for the management of your corporate Facebook page?

    Spada Media Group has a team of social media managers and graphic designers specialized in creating content for social channels and managing them. Among the first agencies to have felt the need of presence of companies on Facebook, it has been active in this field for years and can boast several national and international companies among its customers. Spada Media Group deals with:

    • Creation of editorial plans (PED)
    • Creation of text, graphics, video and animated GIF posts
    • Publication of posts and stories
    • Community Management (interactions, comments and inbox management)
    • Creation, monitoring and optimization of adv campaigns with specific tools such as Facebook Business Manager
    • Data analytics and reporting with Facebook Insight

    Case Histories


    Results of the last year:

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    Results of the last year:

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    Results of the last year:


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