Today a company needs to be on social media, but it’s not enough “just to be there”, it needs to speak the language of the social world in order to increase the growth potential of these new tools. It’s important to properly use and handle social media, to avoid wasting of resources and opportunities. Social networks give you the chance to talk to hundreds of millions of users who interact, share opinions about products and advise people on services and experiences. Having a good digital strategy is essential in order to reach new contacts, potential new customers, increase brand awareness and launch new fidelity strategies. Sociale media offer many other benefits to companies, that’s why you need to rely on experts such as Spada Agency. Web Content Specialist, Community Manager and Web Marketer’s advices assure you an effective social marketing strategy on well-defined targets and allow you to get the greatest return from social advertising campaigns.

In particular, we focuse on:
– Selection of potential social networks to use (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube) and creation of customized webpage
– Definition of editorial plan
– Content Management
– Community Management
– Social Advertising
– Insight Analysis
– E-reputation
– Consulting and staff training