Spada Media Group is a web agency active in the area of Milan from over twenty years. Among the first companies in the world of communication to understand the epochal turning point brought by the web and new digital tools, it still continues to update itself to be always in line with the latest trends in the field of online advertising.

Currently, the Agency serves more than one hundred customers and companies based in Milan and neighboring territories, among the services offered to its customers in the field of web marketing you can find:

We are a web agency specialized in all the fields of the digital world

Each tools can be used individually or in synergy with the others within integrated campaigns; in particular, a good web strategy cannot be separated from:

  • A website optimized both by structure and contents’ point of view
  • Support of search engine marketing campaigns to guarantee selected and targeted traffic to the site
  • Activation of the main social channels (to be assessed based on the type of business and the target of interest of the company) to improve the word of mouth around the brand, create engagement and open a channel of functional dialogue with customers

The important thing is to be able to count on professionals of the sector; in fact, contacting a web agency today is a must for any type of company: over the years we have turned Spada Media Group not only to small and medium-sized enterprises but also realities operating at national level that have found in our web agency an interlocutor that is competent and able to create synergy between old and new media.

Spada Media Group is not only a web agency, but it also deals with the creation and planning of traditional advertising campaigns throughout the territory of Milan, from poster to billboards, from leaflets to advertising on trams and buses, from radio spots to TV campaigns. Contact us to find out more about our services!