Improve the customer experience with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, with over 1.5 billion active users every month. In Italy alone, 30 million people have installed the app on their smartphone, and 95% of these people access the app at least once a day to send or receive messages. Just read this data to understand the importance of using Whatsapp as a tool to improve your customer experience.


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What is WhatsApp Business?

In fact, WhatsApp has opened up to companies the possibility of using the messaging system in a structured way thanks to WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business can be managed through WhatsApp Care, a new web-based technological platform that allows you to easily manage, but at the same time in a structured way, all communications with the Customer Base of your company, through the WhatsApp channel. With the WhatsApp Care platform, integrated with the WhatsApp API, it is possible to manage each WhatsApp Business number/account simultaneously with multiple operators.

Desktop interface

A web-based dashboard is intended for more experienced operators, for total control of the messages and the work of the operators, with advanced statistics. It is possible to obtain numerous advanced functions, such as control of the assignment of requests to operators, labels, ticket queue management and blocking of spammers.

WhatsApp Business for desktop: what it is for and how it works

  • Allows super-admin access to all inbound and outbound communications (therefore brand-to-user and user-to-brand)
  • It allows you to manage the system for assigning requests to individual operators, as well as to view the taking in charge and the resolution status of individual chats
  • It offers total access to all advanced statistics relating to messages and the work of the operators
  • It allows the GDPR compliant management of customer data, the blocking of spammers and the possible integration with the CRM platform used in the company
  • It offers the possibility to create an automatic workflow to ask the customer for preliminary information in order to direct him to the right agent.

Mobile interface

A mobile-based interface intended for all operators or live agents, so easy and intuitive that it can be used by everyone without particular skills.

It is an interface similar to WhatsApp, with an easy login and alert system on the operator’s phone that will be able to respond quickly in chat even if engaged in other tasks.

WhatApp Business Mobile: what is it and what is it for?

  • Allows quick access to operators or live agents dedicated to support the resolution of assigned requests
  • It offers a very simple and extremely intuitive interface similar to WhatsApp to allow all operators to use it without special skills
  • Allows operators to quickly use them on the move on smartphone devices to resolve support requests even while performing other tasks
  • Allows operators to send audio, video and document content to the customer, as well as links to third-party platforms for video calls
  • All communications sent to the customer via the mobile interface will refer to a single WhatsApp Business number and will be transmitted in real-time to the back office.
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What you can send with WhatsApp Business?

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Many applications

First level Customer Care: Filtering, management and quick sorting of inbound messages received on the WhatsApp Business number managed via the platform.

Integration with CRM API 3rd party: Integrate customer data from WhatsApp to your corporate CRM or hook your caring platforms via API.

Decentralized Customer Care: Management of requests both centrally and above all locally (stores, sales points, etc ..).

Brand-to-User Notifications: Use preconfigurable templates to send notifications (eg, e-tickets, info ..) to users in contact via WhatsApp.

Each number managed by several users at the same time: Each number can be managed simultaneously by several operators, whether they are centralized or delocalized.

Commercial support: Not just customers: take advantage of the platform for contact and support for commercial partners and resellers.

Send outbound notifications or automatically reply with a ChatBot

Reply to your customer / consumer thanks to a real-time notification service. Take advantage of templates that can include downloadable documents, images and text to automatically send electronic receipts, digital tickets for events, information, newsletters and much more. Send pre-configured automatic replies through multi-level ChatBot, which can be integrated into other digital properties.


Integrations with AI and ChatBot

For automatic and fast filtering of 1-level requests, the WhatsApp Care platform allows you to create complex ChatBots capable of simulating a first conversation with the customer via WhatsApp Business.

The integration of the chatbot is completely customizable according to the specific use (e.g., 1-level customer care, automatic sending of notifications). We apply Artificial Intelligence technologies capable of simulating complex conversations, based on keywords entered by the user (e.g., generic questions) before automatic sorting to the operator most suitable for resolving requests.

Phases of the project

1. Definition of type and campaign settings

In order to start an RTB campaign it is necessary to define together with the customer:

  • Campaign type: Standard (with banners in IAB standard formats) or Premium (wider banners positioned in highly visible areas of the web page such as skin and musthead).
  • Duration: a Real-Time Bidding campaign can have a variable duration, depending on the goal. Considering the campaign optimization times from the moment it goes online, a minimum duration of 15/20 days is generally recommended. It is therefore possible to activate monthly or annual / continuous campaigns, regularly updating the subject of the campaign.
  • Budget: the definition of the budget is generally a mix between the suggestions of the RTB specialist and the customer’s availability.
  • Channels to use: Desktop + Mobile
  • Objectives to be achieved: for example, the increase in visits to the site, the sales of an e-commerce, or the visibility of a brand, etc.
  • Reference target: geographical area (Area/Region/City/ZIP code)


The remuneration of a display campaign can be based on the number of views obtained or the amount of visits (clicks) that the banner has generated on the advertiser’s site.

In the first case we speak of Cost Per Mille Impressions (CPM), ie cost per thousand views; in the second case of Cost Per Click (CPC), that is the cost per click by users.

The purchase of advertising space takes place through individual impressions within the Ad Exchange. These impressions are selected based on the target, which is profiled according to the degree of interest that users, with their behavior, demonstrate:


  • Home page: users who have visited the homepage at least once are reached. Typical users of this segment are interested in the product, but have not yet developed an intention to buy or convert (register, purchase, play a game, etc.). These segments are mainly used in standard retargeting campaigns.
  • Product page: users who have visited the products but have not yet made a conversion are reached.
  • Landing page: users who have visited the landing page are reached. Typical users of this segment are also interested in the product.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


2. Creation of banners

Based on the type of campaign selected, the set of banners will be created in the standard IAB formats and any Premium formats such as skin and musthead, both desktop and mobile, respecting the parameters set by the platform (size, animations, weight, …). The banners can be made both by the customer and by our graphic design team, in case of purchase of this service.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


3. Landing page definition

Each banner will be linked to a specific landing page, to be optimized from the point of view of structure and content to improve its performance from a SEM perspective. Depending on the subject of the campaign, one or more landing pages can be used, exploiting if possible pages already present on the customer’s site or alternatively created from scratch on another domain / subdomain.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


4. Platform configuration

Once the general campaign settings and banners have been approved, you can proceed with the configuration of the advertising platform. In order to be able to monitor the progress of the campaign in detail, it is necessary to install a tracking pixel within the landing page.

Timing: 1 working day (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


5. Campaign launch

Once all the materials have been approved and the platform set up, the campaign is launched, with daily performance monitoring and consequent proactive and reactive optimization both daily and weekly.

Timing: 1 working day from receipt of all materials


6. Reporting

Periodic monitoring of the campaign and constant optimization of the ROI (return on investment). Reports will be provided on a monthly basis showing the overall and daily statistics of clicks and impressions, the breakdown by time slots and the list of domains on which the banners have appeared.

Timing: 5 working days from the end of the campaign (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


Staff employed

  • Account Manager: he is the reference figure for the customer and is responsible for managing all the operational phases necessary for the launch of a WhatsApp Business campaign, acting as an intermediary between the customer/commercial area/web marketing specialist.
  • Web Marketing specialist: takes care of setting up and managing the campaign from a technical point of view, working directly within the RTB platform through the Ad networks, monitoring its progress on a daily basis.
  • Graphic Designer: takes care of creating campaign materials (banners and landing pages) from a graphic point of view, devising the creative concept of the message to be transmitted and respecting the technical specifications of the respective media.


Plus of the service

  • Generate brand awareness and improve the customer’s brand reputation
  • Create an auxiliary social customer service tool to respond in real time to all customer needs


Why choose Spada Media Group

  • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
  • Single agency for cross-media campaigns
  • Design of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
  • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
  • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
  • Training and continuous updating
  • Google Premier Partner Certification
  • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
  • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
  • Prestashop Partner Agency
  • Mailup Partner