Who we are

In our brand is everything: it is our hallmark that tells who we are and what we do.

We are communication, thought and content.
We are openness to change and vision toward new scenarios.
We are creativity, passion and contamination.
We are dynamic, forward-looking and always on the move.
We are concrete, focused on results and problem solving.
We are network, we network knowledge and value.
We are dialogue, because sharing and confrontation are in our DNA.
We are speed, because we never stop.

5 icons that tell the story of our business units: Media, Digital, Creativity, Press Office and Event Organization.
Five souls that make up our team, made up of many different talents. Together we manage to be an excellent partner alongside our clients, sharing a path of continuous growth and innovation.


Federico Spada

CEO & Co-Founder

"I can imagine possible spaces where there seem to be none. I am a great believer in collaboration with different partners and people, only then can we bring new and original points of view. My mantra is: from confrontation with others the best ideas can be born. I like to imagine us alongside our clients, ready to design together."

Lara Ricciotti

COO & Co-Founder

"I see every challenge as an opportunity for growth. My approach is always positive and enthusiastic. I believe that being quick to read situations is essential to finding the right solution--which is often not one, but many different possible combinations. Being authentic is essential-we are exactly that, as we show ourselves. We know how to be a group, work as a team and face every obstacle."

Lorenzo Spada

CCO & Co-Founder

"I try by nature to always put myself in the client's shoes. I believe it is crucial to understand what their real needs are. This is helped by empathy, which I try to train every time I am faced with a new challenge. I am a big fan of collaboration and transparency. I don't like to say we sell services; what we do is always provide solutions."

A unique team

We are a great team, working side by side every day, integrating skills, visions, values and creative thoughts. Our group is continually growing and evolving, supported also by specific personal and group training courses that aim to make the entire team even more cohesive and integrated. Several Team Building experiences that represent important moments of growth and sharing that enrich our story and strengthen our team even more.

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