Renord, among the top three most important dealerships in Italy for the Renault, Dacia and Nissan brands, a reference point for the automotive market for over 40 years, has decided to activate a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the number of prospect consumer customers, consolidating their presence on the web and increasing active traffic on the site.


To increase traffic to the Renord site, a project was developed based on a double strategy: the first, with medium-long term objectives, aimed at improving the ranking of the site in the organic results of search engines; the second, with more immediate objectives, based on the sponsorship of the site. In particular, through the activities of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, the focus was on optimizing the html code, content, hypertext structure and other technical areas, achieving a better positioning in the natural results of search engines, facilitating users and thus increasing the volume of qualified traffic. This activity was accompanied by SEM, Search Engine Marketing campaigns, through the use of Google AdWordsTM, the Google advertising platform that allows the publication of text ads, images and videos on the search results pages and on the sites of the Google network, through the identification of selected targeted keywords. This generates a large amount of qualified traffic on the site and increases the volume of leads.


Already in the first weeks of going online, the Renord site has made great progress, always appearing among the first places in the organic results of search engines and also obtaining a large amount of qualified traffic also through sponsored ads. In the first month, unique users more than doubled and page views quintupled.


“The SEO and SEM activities have allowed us to achieve excellent results for the positioning of the Renord site, which is now almost always in first place for the search for keywords in our sector, thus doubling the accesses to the site compared to previous years” Massimo Berruto, Renord Spa Marketing Manager