LA7 Advertising

LA7 is a generalist television channel owned by Cairo Communication, broadcasting on digital channel 7 and geared toward a very broad target audience. Born in the 1970s as Telemontecarlo, in the 2000s it took on the appearance it still has today, with in-depth programs such as Bersaglio mobile, Otto e mezzo and Piazzapulita, and entertainment programs such as Propaganda Live. The channel'sinformation comes through TG LA7 and its director Enrico Mentana; numerous series are also broadcast on the network, such as Star Trek and Grey's Anatomy. The channel's average share is around 4 percent, but it can also rely on affiliated channels such as LA7d, whose main catchment area is the female audience.

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LA7's main broadcasts are:


The channel's newscast is TG LA7, which has been on the air since the 2000s with three extended editions during the day and a 10-minute nightly appointment, is able to reach more than 1,080,000 average viewers in its best time slot. The paper's director is Enrico Mentana, host of the 8 p.m. edition as well as specials on events of social and political significance. Mentana Marathons are widely followed, especially since the long live broadcasts end only when a result is reached, in the case of electoral votes therefore until the count. Columns include Omnibus News, which offers a morning press review, and Coffee Break, which covers the issues of the day with in-studio guests.

Otto e mezzo

From Monday to Saturday, in the access prime time slot, Lilli Gruber hosts Otto e mezzo, a historic news and in-depth program as well as the spearhead of LA7's schedule with about 7.6 percent share. On the air since 2002, the program covers the week's major issues through interaction with guests, prominent personalities in the political world and beyond. The interviews and debates that take shape during the episode enrich the daily appointment, along with journalist Paolo Pagliaro's "The Point," the editorial column.


The political show hosted by Giovanni Floris diMartedì offers, in the form of talk, a landmark primetime news event. The episodes are opened by a satirical cover, introduced for years by Maurizio Crozza and later by other comedians such as Luca and Paolo; in the studio numerous guests and recurring journalists, including Concita De Gregorio and Corrado Augias. Due to the topics covered, aired through packaged reports and polls, and the personalities featured, the program was able to achieve an average share of 6.8 percent.

Propaganda Live

Further current affairs and politics program on the channel is Propaganda Live with Diego Bianchi. Airing on Fridays and geared toward a younger target audience, the program presents the week's highlights through interviews with key players on the political scene, live music with the band, news reports, and moments of satire. The journalists featured as regular guests are Filippo Ceccarelli, a journalist from La Repubblica, and Paolo Celata, from TG LA7, but space is also given to Makkox's comics and the world of the web and social media; in fact, tweets and interactions are often broadcast.

Why invest in advertising on LA7

At Spada Media Group, we understand that planning an effective advertising campaign on LA7 and LA7D, the CairoRCS networks, requires careful evaluation and a tailored approach. The advertising offerings of these networks are complex and varied, with different thresholds and packages that change depending on the period, schedules, and duration of the commercials. Our goal is to provide our clients with a solution that is optimal in terms of both cost and results. The cost of an advertising campaign on LA7 and LA7D can vary widely.

Entry-level budgets can range from a few tens to several hundred thousand, depending on the specific needs of each client. Our task in Spada Media Group is to understand the client's needs and propose the best offer in terms of price and effectiveness. We are experts in identifying the most suitable solutions for each brand, ensuring an optimal return on investment. Aspects to consider when planning a campaign on LA7 and LA7D include seasonality, which influences variable prices throughout the year, choice of networks (plan on one or both networks), desired target audience (general, children, women only, youth, adults, etc.), and specific characteristics of the commercial (duration and type).

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